BCD Deployment question


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Great job, guys, on cleaning up the verbals in Easy 2.1. I find it much simpler to understand.

One think I'd like to ascertain, though, is under the Deployment tab. I tethered a hard drive to my system and created a BCD on it. I chose the Vista partition on that drive to boot, but my had system assigned the letter "G" to it, whereas it will be "C" when it's back in its own box.

I assumed that somehow the intended partition would be selected, and that I didn't have to manually edit the partition letter in the BCD menu. But I'm having so many problems with the other box (one of which is an error reading the BCD, but I have other disk reading errors as well) that I can't confirm this yet. Was my thinking correct?

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Hi P,

I'm not sure I understand your question; but if you're wondering whether the difference of letters across the OSes will make a difference - it won't.

EasyBCD will show the drive according to whatever OS you're in now, but when you use it the correct letter will be put instead.