BCD doesnt see Ubuntu after install.


I have a vista machine. It has an SATA drive. I added an additional ATA100 drive for Linux, installed it from the CD, restarted the machine and opened BCD. I setup GRUB with the proper drive numbers (0,1) and restarted the machine, arrowed down to Ubuntu and hit return and got the black screen w/cursor. I have tried uninstalling BCD, trying different drive combinations and in frustration disconnected the SATS drive, booted the machine right into Linux, performed all updates, setup my email and all is well there. Plugged the SATA drive back in and still cannot boot into Linux, just vista. Please help
Hello John, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

The problem is that you have GRUB installed to the MBR of your Ubuntu drive - that won't work.
Per the instructions in the EasyBCD documentation at http://neosmart.net/wiki/display/EBCD/Linux, you must install GRUB to the bootsector of your Linux partition, not the MBR.

EasyBCD, via the Windows Vista bootloader, cannot access the MBR of your other drive properly. If you follow the steps outlined in the corresponding section in the Linux guide at the link above, you should have GRUB installed to both the MBR and the Bootsector. After this you may use GRUB EasyBCD just fine.

Another note: make sure your drive and partition numbers don't change when you plug a drive back in.
It sounds like Linux becomes the SECOND drive, and not the first any more....