BCD language question


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Hi. I would like to thank BCD for fixing my vista bootloader. But I have a question - since my vista is originally in Chinese language so when EasyBCD reset my BCD store, all the language in bootmgr, memory testing tools, etc...become English. Can BCD retain the original language or is there some way to modified the language back to original language? Thanks!
He's asking about the bootloader itself, not EasyBCD.

The answer is no. I built/created a Vista bootloader recovery kit manually on an US English copy of Windows Vista, and that's what EasyBCD uses to restore the bootloader.

You can manually change the titles of the entries in the bootloader though.

If you do
EasyBCD | Useful Utilities | Power Console
then run
bcdedit.exe /v

Paste the output here in a reply, and i'll tell you what you need to do in order to change their titles to Chinese.
I am a Chinese ,I love this organization. I have been very concerned about you,I hope can be in your localization testing, provide translations in Chinese help.