BCD not seeing Windows 8 CP on 2nd physical drive

from Windows 7 HP, easyBCD does not see Windows 8 on 2nd drive. That 8 drive will successfully boot up if only drive connected. Am at a loss.


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Doesn't see it, or says "Invalid dig. sig.." ?
I cloned a working copy of 8 and it will boot off the new drive if that is only drive connected and BCD sees it if run on that drive. When I connected drive with fresh install of 7 (as 1st physical), that drive will boot. When running BCD on 7 drive it does not 'see' 8 on other drive.

I manually added in BCD (as type 7, since type 8 not a choice) so at boot I do get a choice. If I choose at boot, it can not verify digital signature.


I was able to boot to 8 after following the instructions here:
Cannot dual boot Windows 7 and Windows 8

is this the way it will continue to be, needing BOOTMGR renaming/moving?

Sorry, but I thought we had to revert back to the 7 BOOTMGR to be able to boot 7... just discovered we don't. After renaming 7 BOOTMGR to BOOTMGR7 and copying 8's BOOTMGR to 7 drive, now I can boot into either with easyBCD. Should make a sticky maybe???
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It's just a forward/backward in/compatibility problem. Each newer version of bootmgr will boot an earlier Longhorn (W8 will boot Vista/7), but the older versions don't recognize the sig on the new loader as "genuine Windows".
If you install W8 with Vista/7 visible, it will take over the existing boot files and replace them, making the multi-boot automatic and transparent.
If you contrive a multi-boot where it didn't get the opportunity to do that switch for you, you must either boot from W8 and add the older systems to its BCD, or manually upgrade the bootloader on Vista/7 so that it doesn't think W8 is bogus.
If you get tired of W8 and remove it, you can revert to the Vista/7 version, but you don't need to.