BCD on one hard drive ... Vista on another


when i first built my pc i installed vista on one hard drive ... this then went crazy so i had to reinstall it on the other hard drive. Now my computer will only boot if the hard drive that used to have vista on is connected. i had a look and it's because the old hard drive has the boot folder in and the boot manager, i have tried copying these to the other hard drive, using the vista dvd (which says i have a missing boot manager, which changes to a corrupt bcd if i copy the boot manager over), and i have tried the /fixmbr and /fixboot commands .. all to no avail! i downloaded easybcd but not sure if this is what i need?!?!?!

cheers in advance

Hi flhurb, welcome to NST.

As Mak says, you need to make sure that the current Vista drive is the system boot drive. You can accomplish this by switching the locations of the two drives, making sure that the new Vista drive is set as drive 0.
how do i go ab put that? i tried using the raid thingy but that messed up the cmos and had to reset that!

Is it from within vista?

cheers for you help guys