BCD Saving Location


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When to save the BCD, the program proposes the location "C:\Boot\recovery.bcd". If this location does not exist, then there is no fault message generated and the bcd will not backuped.
The BCD usually is stored in "C:\Boot", but some manufacturers stores the BCD in the hidden recovery partition, and generally in Windows 7 exists a recovery partition with no drive letter assigned. The directory "Boot" is there and not in drive C:.

When considering an update oft the program EASYBCD, it should propose a backup location in the users directories, e.g. "C:\users\[name]\documents\easybcd\recovery.bcd".

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Hello Theo, welcome to NST,

Which version of EasyBCD are you using? If EasyBCD 2.0, what build number? We'll need to know this to pinpoint any bugs.

Now as for where it stores the recovery bcd store, you should be able to browse to another location where you'd rather place it. The default location is fine for most as it is the location where the system bcd store belongs and since its stored where the normal store is a user can easily find it later on if case need be without having to browse around thier filesystem for it.