BCD2.0.2 for XP and Ubunto


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Hi Guys:
I have recently had to reimage a windows xp partition back to my spare computer. On this one I have C: for xp and there are 2 other parts on the same drive for Ubunto and Ubunto swap files.
So I want BCD so that I can boot to xp and ubunto, I can only at the moment boot to xp.
Installed 2.0.2 on executing I get "The boot config store could not be opened etc......." Would you like to manually load a bcd ....etc Y/N if i press No then bcd comes up with all settings grayed out. If yes, then it just wants to open a file, which is not there because we havnt yet created it. What should I do next to get a multiboot for xp and ubunto. Mike
Thanks but, I already have ubunto installed, and reinstalling xp, rewrote the boot loader, so I no longer can boot to ubunto which is still there. I can use acronis boot loader I suppose. M
You'll need to reinstall GRUB to the MBR. If you can boot from the Ubuntu CD, you can run "update-grub" to do that.
Thanks CG, that seems a good idea. M


Just a quick one, booted with Ubunto 9.0.4 cd which gives 2 choices try i.e. run from memory and install. Running from memory and using help file to redo grub didnt work on reboot guess it fixed the virtual grub not the one on the hard drive. what is the proceedure please. M
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You'll need to explicitly tell the grub install command which device to set up.

For the old grub (v1), it was "grub-install /dev/sda" so it'll probably be something similar.
OK after the research I thought I would report how the problem was fixed, just in case it helps anyone else.

Problem was: I had winXP/ubunto/ubunto swap partitions on first drive. WinXP had to be reimaged so I lost the initial grub boot into xp or ubunto screen.

I am using Ubunto 10.04LTS which uses Grub2 - these instructions good for ver. 9.10 upwards.

Boot into Ubunto cdrom, select run from CD (not install) option. When desktop loads select terminal.
You will see a prompt something like ubunto@ubunto:~$

type this command/enter to locate where the partitions with linux is:

sudo fdisk -l

(this is lowercase L, not a figure one), after enter will go to next line prompt without showing errors)

sudo mkdir /media/sda5 (enter) (sda5 was reported as my ubunto partition) (space after mkdir)

sudo mount /dev/sda5 /media/sda5 (enter) (space after mount and before /media)

sudo grub-install --root-directory=/media/sda5 /dev/sda

returns message "installation finished, no errors reported"

exit (return), close down and reboot, grub menu should be there.

A word of warning, if you go wrong during the inputs, reboot and start process again.