bcdedit 17.2


i just dowloaded 17.2 yesterday and it was able to get rid of the extra lines on my screen when booting. it seems to work fine.
is there work in progress to be able to edit the on screen discriptions when booting

presently i get

earilier version of windows

this is because i'm triple booting with xp, vista 32, and vista 64.
it would be nice to be able to change the text on the screen to:

The one thing about EasyBCD that makes it a great tool for dual and multi booting is the option to "rename" entries! By going into the "change settings" section simply go to the "name" line and change it to whatever you want to see in the "view setting" screen. The top line for each entry listed will be seen in the boot menu on the next system boot.

Don't you love the "previous versions" title and then seeing those that MS threw in? :brows: I'm quite sure you want to see what I did here by simply removing the previous versions entry and custom named Vista on the first sata drive out of a pair to Vista Home Premium Sata1. For XP on the second drive I renamed that to XP Home Sata2.