BCDedit: Proper syntax; delete duplicate identifier


Hello, I've run into a situation where when my dual-boot Win7/10 computer starts the Metro blue screen, it displays Win7 twice!?
However EasyBCD does not list 3 operating systems! I run CMD as admin and then start BCDedit.exe and under
"Windows Boot Manager", "displayorder" I see two duplicate entries:


I'm assuming the two duplicates are of Win7 and the {current} is the Win10 that I am currently booted to.

Can you please help me with the proper BCDedit syntax to remove it one of the duplicates?!

Thank you!
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You can try

bcdedit /displayorder {e92d0f7a-dc98-11e8-9da3-ef67d4f021ca} {current}

but no guarantees, so let me know if it works.
Mqudsi -

Thanks for taking the time to reply, I appreciate it, but I need (to use your word) a guaranteed solution, or I would have tried it myself; I'm very basic with my CMD skills and know absolutely nothing about how Windows 7/8/10 boots (e.g. differently than Windows XP, which I knew a much better).

What happened is I had one SSD drive with Win 7 installed. Then I decided to install Win 10 but to be safe I split the drive in two, created another partition, and then I cloned the original Win 7 installation (I used AOMEI a great product and it's FREE!) so I had two Win 7 on my disk but still a single boot system. Then I went to Microsoft, downloaded the Media Creation Tool and did an in-place upgrade of the cloned Win 7 installation to Win 10. It took for ever, but left it to do what it needed overnight and it worked fine!

So next thing I know I have a nice dual boot of Win 7 and Win 10 but when the PC boots it presents me with ...three (3) choices: Win 7, Win 7 and Win 10 (!?!)
Funny thing is I can boot fine to either of the three. Something happened but who knows what?!

So, again, back to my original question, I need to remove one of the Win 7 and EasyBCD was my first choice but -somehow- it does not show 3 OSes only 2.

Strange eh ?!?
I told you what to try. It might not work but it won't break your PC if you execute it as-is. Post the results.
The above mentioned syntax is almost what what the OP asked but not quite.

It will only list the two OSes in that particular order, still it will not remove the duplicate entry from the BCD store.

The proper syntax to remove an OS identifier from the boot manager display is the one below:

bcdedit /displayorder <ID> /remove

In the OP's case replace <ID> with {e92d0f7a-dc98-11e8-9da3-ef67d4f021ca}

Note: Just open an Administrator's CMD windows and type:

BCDedit /displayorder /?

Then read the output; it's pretty clear to then figure it our on your own.

Hope that helps! Pls report back if it worked for you!
There is no duplicate entry in the BCD store itself, only in the boot menu. The issue is that both the menu entries have the same id, so I do not know if bcdedit /displayorder {guid} /remove will remove one or both.