BCDLite won't work online or offline


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I downloaded the BCDLite Recovery Program for Vista 64-bit earlier today as an ISO file on my CD Drive and tried to run it's automated repair first by booting with it. It told me that the OS system was corrupt or unreadable and to use the Chkdsk facility.I did that; and ran Chkdsk in the DOs prompt. Chkdsk said therte was nothing wrong (no errors) with my OS system or anywhere on any of my discs.I then tried to dop a System Restore and inputted the correct format command as instructed by BCDLite. My system gave me the "cannot execute command" error when I tried to get rstrui to work.I tried several other commands in DOS ie PCRestore and other recovery/restore commands; all of which gave me the cannot execute command message.I however managed to use all the Bootrec commands and options to make sure the boot record had a correct MBR and partiton info for Vista before I either tried to use BCDLite again or just reboot with a MiniXP disc I have.The MiniXP disc allows m to get internet access to read the posts on this forum.The only way at the moment I can get on the internet.I read on this forum that BCDLite should be run online as it needs to check for files on the internet before carrying on with a repair. So I copied the exe file onto my OS drive and tried to run it online. That gave me an error that "gluiplus.dll was missing". So I downloaded the gluiplus.dll file and tried to run bcdlite again online.This time it ran but halted quickly telling me I had to run it as a boot up disc offline (after I'd read it had to be done online too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). So I switched off the computer and booted again with BCDLite in CDDrive.This time hoping but not expecting it to work as I now had the gluiplus.dll file. Again it gave me the same error that OS was corrupt or unreadable and again in DOS couldn't execute any recovery command ven though the Bootsector should be ok now after all the Bootrec commands I did and now I had the dluiplus.dll but still I got the cannot execute command for everything I attempted trying to run all the various repair and restore commands.Why can't I get BCDLite to work either Online or Off ? Do I need to convert it from an ISO file before I try to do it online and if so how do I convert to the form of file I need to use online ?When I try to boot without either the miniXP disc or BCDLite Disc hoping my comp would start up as it normally used to now that I had repaired the Bootsec after the Bootrec commands it still told me that the Bootmgr was missing.The only way I can get my comp to work at all is to use either MiniXP disc or BCDLite disc and neither allows to repair my system. MiniXp won't as ity's in 32-bit mode and all my recovery progs are 64-bit so won't run when I've tried to uinder MiniXP. And BCDLite won't run and allow recovery Online or Off even though my Bootsec should be repaired now although I am getting the Bootmgr not found message.Please can you help. I am at a loss what to do now and I'm genuinely ill in real life and could do without all the hassle of hour upon hour trying to correct this and trying to get either MiniXP or BCDLite to allow me to repair the system.So why won't BCDLite work either online or off ?Do I need to convert the ISO file on my disc to run it online; if so; how ?And is it poss to switch my comp to 64-bit while on internet via my MiniXP disc, the only way I can get online, Ive searched a lot on net for ways to switch bettwqeen 32-bit and 64-bit and found nothing helpful, so then I could run rstrui or maybe pcrestore myself if I could get into 64 bit to allow them to run ?