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Hey Guys, i just wanna now ur opinion about the best antivirus.every one just write down what's his favorite antivirus and why it is better ( Effeincey , Ram usage, false alarm, Option,...etc)?

First of all i have all of them and tried them

i am running now AVG 8.5 premium edition

ADVANTAGES: Daily updates, very fast, small ram usage, easy option:smile:
DISADVANTAGES : vast false alram, nothin eles as far as i know:booyah:

I think i am gonna try out ESET or KASPERSKY next week:??

The best site to know the best effective antivirus monthly ( )
My personal favorite is NOD32. It doesn't come out number 1 in any of the official benchmarks, but in real-life performance it's a winner for me.

Light, fast, and very very good. Version 4 is lighter than ever.
I prefer to use Linux for most of my web browsing, since there is no real need for antivirus on Linux...
The security's too tight, and there aren't really any viruses around that would run on a Linux platform yet.
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You're running AVG 8.5 in Vista/XP right? I've been having some issues trying to upgrade it to that version in W7. The installer just blue screens me when it gets around to installing/starting a driver I guess AVG needs to run.
You're running AVG 8.5 in Vista/XP right? I've been having some issues trying to upgrade it to that version in W7. The installer just blue screens me when it gets around to installing/starting a driver I guess AVG needs to run.
yep i am running AVG 8.5 in vista, and it works like a charm..update also is going very well

about the issue that u had in windows 7

what version of windows 7 are u use?

i have a friend of mine that downloaded the latest build of w7&running AVG latest verision smoothly

the most stable version is 7100&7000, others are full of bugs
I have AVG8.5 running in W7 (build 7000). No problem
The only problem I had with 8.5 was installing it fresh on a brand new XP build. It worked first time perfectly, then I started again with another fresh XP and 8.5 install failed. Eventually got it on by installing 8.0 and letting 8.0 upgrade it to 8.5.
All of my upgrades (Vista W7 and XP) went perfectly from 8.0 to 8.5.
Well I had 8.0 on and tried upgrading. Than I tried removing 8.0 with the installer and it did the same thing. I think it does install 8.5 but its crippled and won't let me uninstall it. I haft to keep resorting to sys restore to get 8.0 back. I think I'll try uninstalling 8.0 completely before putting on 8.5.

This was the other day. Maybe I need to download it again? All I know is that it prompted me "Upgrade to 8.5 by April 30" so ok I thought. It took me to the paid version but I went and got the free version of 8.5 if that makes any difference.

I got build 7k. I'm too lazy to upgrade even if I could. Doesn't it require technet subscription? I don't got one :frowning:
I once had a problem with AVG 7.x upgrading to 7.y (or maybe 8.0) which resulted in bits of both being present and neither would uninstall or repair install.
I used Revo uninstaller to clean everything away and started afresh and that fixed it.
It's in another thread from ages ago, maybe before you even joined, but Revo's a great free resource to have available when things get screwed.
Revo working properly in W7? Haven't tried that. I'll probably get around to it this weekend. I'm really busy at the moment.
I haven't had cause to try it in W7 yet, only Vista and XP, but I use the "portable" version.
Since W7 is almost Vista2, I'd expect it to work though.
if u facing vast prob, convert to another antivirus or download the latest w7 build

i rechecked with my friend ( Who has w7 build 7100 runnin ) and he told me that after instillation

he just downloaded the latest ver from the site and it works fine
Yep. I'm in Win 7 now, and the version of AVG that I have installed (and working) is definitely 8.5...Only bummer is every five seconds I try to go to any website page (even on this forum), an AVG popup alert pops up saying "Multiple thread detection", and lists a few tracking cookies, and gives me an option to remove them. If I tell it to remove them, it says it cant. :grinning: So yeah, that can become quite annoying after awhile, but I'm sure there's a way to disable just that feature if I look... (EDIT: It seems I'll have to disable the Resident Shield if I don't want those annoying popups)
Funny though that I never had that kind of trouble in XP or Vista, though I use AVG in both (and I believe they're both 8.5 version too...). :wtf::unamused::S
I need to mention that I'm using AVG Internet Security though, not the free version.


EDIT: The exact message I get when I try using the option "Remove all unhealed infections" is
Some files cannot be healed.
Specified file was not found.

EDIT 2: Ok, nevermind. It seems I haven't enabled the "Scan for tracking cookies" feature in Vista and XP, and so that is why I never had that trouble in either, but only in Win 7 because I must have enabled it. Problem solved.
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If you block cookies in the browser you shouldnt get those errors. I'd leave resident shield enabled for active scanning. It only takes a second or two to add a trusted site.

In regard to 8.5 I'll redownload and give it another go this weekend and report back success (hopefully lol).
i switched to norton 360 v 3

it is awesome , very low memory usage ( the minimum ram usage compared to any other pro)

it is a complete package , updates are available every day

till now i like it and i didn't find any buggy error or cons

i am gonna stick for it for a while
I totally don't recommend Norton 360. A number of my relatives have it installed, and it's constantly letting viruses through....
i tried norton out before in the end of 2003 or 2004 and i didn't like it so much but my friends said that " norton products have a huge improvements in anti-virus database, performance , stability , and most of all low ram usage ( the older verison is horrible about ram usage during idle and scanning )

also i read in Av-Comparative that norton has a bout 99% against virus after avira ( that is in the latest review )

so i gave it a shot and it is not bad , updates are every day ( i tried scannig during playing NFs and worked like a charm ), low ram usage , and easy option .
I have been running AVG Pro on XP Home for years, but found it was consuming almost all my CPU % on Win7 after boot, so things were extremely slow.. I emailed AVG about this but they were uninterested until Win7 is officially released. :frowning:

So, I removed it and installed Kaspersky AV Beta and its great.. even found and removed a HEUR trojan, lord knows where that came from ..luckily I don't use the system for payments.

So I give my vote to Kaspersky.

Btw, I removed Ad-Aware as well. That too was painfully slow at opening, and Lavasoft were uninterested in upgrading me from Plus to Pro.

So I'll put my money with those who are interested in supporting W7 now..

I have AVG Pro 8.5 and Spybot Tea-Timer protection running on windows 7, its a perfect combo and runs fine as well, if anyones having trouble running AVG, right click then properties and run it through "Vista" and it should work

I also use ad-aware and super antispyware for regular scans but AVG provides all of them

I used to use ESET Smart Security and it works amazingly well due to low ram usage etc

btw i have 4gb DDR2 ram
i switched to eset node 32 , it is okay so far , low memory usage, elegant GUI , and a lot of options which kinda of good and bad at the same time... i used comodo firewall beside eset and so far so good