Beta 64 Solved Win7/Linux 2 HD Dual-Boot


I just did a Windows 7 reinstall, this time deleting the 2nd partition, extending the System partition and formating it so Windows would install everything into a single partition (the whole 1st HD).

After installing all my devices so they could be connected when I booted back into Linux I was happy to see a new beta EasyBCD build posted. Rather than sticking my SuperGrub cd in to bootup Linux on my 2nd hard drive like I had been doing I figured I'd see if somehow either the single Win7 partition and/or the new EasyBCD could let me dual-boot from the hard drive.

A change in the settings I noticed when using add/remove, Linux was that the partition to boot drop-down lists my hard drives in reverse order. My sda0 is listed as hard disk 1 and my sda1 (where Linux is) is listed as hard disk 0. Dumbfounded, I just went along with it and selected that grub isn't installed since Linux is on my 2nd hard drive.

I booted up, selected NeoSmart Linux from the Windows 7 boot-screen and Neo-Grub appeared briefly before my normal Debian Grub boot menu showed up. It showed up! :smile:

I let Debian boot and all is great!

I have no idea why the hard drives are reversed in EasyBCD's add/remove selector but whatever the reason, it now works where before it did not.

Thanks so much for the new update and all the work involved in developing EasyBCD!

The only day I dread now is October, what is it, the 22nd? With home built computers we pay the highest Microsoft tax for new Windows versions. And now, for the first time since 98SE I'm forced, well, if I want to fully comply, to purchase a full version rather than the upgrade. No way I'm installing an older Windows and disqualifying it from further use just to use the Windows 7 Upgrade DVD. I use the previous versions in virtual machines or even on my system itself when I feel like.

I've yet to see whether the trick of Windows Vista's Upgrade DVD where you could install it without a key, then do an upgrade of itself using the upgrade key would work on Windows 7. It appears that only a previous Windows version will qualify this time.
Heh - I remember that trick from the days of Office 95. Once you reach floppy number 3, you're asked to prove you have the previous version by inserting a setup floppy from the last version. One time I mistakenly put in disk 1 of the Office 95 install, and was surprised to see it chug along :smile:

Great news about your dual-boot working with EasyBCD build 64.... Congratulations! :grinning: