BIOS Update Failed, Cannot Boot into Vista



Got a massive problem, while updating my bios had a power cut, now cant boot vista, when press f10 f12 nothing happens, cant get the bios page up, tried using my recovery discs, says not enough memory to run, also get a runswap.exe error
tried using your vista boot recovery disc, says cant find any physical memory system cant continue

what do i do

Hi Clare, welcome to NST.

You're going to need a Windows 98 startup disk and the BIOS flashing tools from your motherboard manufacturer's website.

Boot from the floppy drive, run the BIOS update from the command line, and pray that it can repair your BIOS.

Otherwise you're going to need to take your PC in to the shop so they can replace the BIOS EEPROM chip and get things working again.
ok downloading the 98 disc

do i do the update from hp for the bios, and do i put them both on the same disc or 2 seperate

think my motherboard pegasus


oh cant boot from floppy as dont have one


ok the windows 98 disc works

what do i do in there

how do i reinstall my vista
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It's not a matter of reinstalling Vista; it's a question of repairing your BIOS so that Vista will work once more. Until the BIOS is repaired, you won't be able to fix Vista itself.

You need to run the DOS BIOS updater tool from within the startup disc environment.
im sorry i dont know how to, i new to all this

i downloaded the bios and burnt to iso

when put windows in it boots up says copied diagnostic tools to drive c
but cant find mscd0001 no cd rom drivers
Just an update

Pc still not working, took into local pc shop who informed the bios was inaccessable, i needed a new mother board aaagh
Rung Hewlett Packard as still under warranty, they seem to think the cmos battery has broke, they taking in to repair,
Fingers crossed they fix whatever the problem
Hey, that's good news then!

Hopefully they'll fix it for you without any trouble or questions...