BitDefender Total Security 2008 (Build 11.0.17) just hangs my computer .. plz help


I am glad that one of my major dual boot tricky problem was solved...! Thanks to terry and others who provided that wiki...
Now i have a strange problem which i couldn't find anywhere on the net... even in BD forum (can u imagine)

When i install that on XP it shows a dialog just before ending the installation that ( this didnot pass windows logo test ) 3 times!!
And Hangs up... but im not bothered now with this xp cuz i can have it without a security suite as i don't browse in xp.
Now in vista when i try to install BitDefender... a dialog pops two times at 80% of installation saying -"Do u want to install this device from so and so company" ..with a check box saying - "Always trust so and so company" ..... I don't exactly remember this sentences but i think u all very well know them...

Then It tells me to restart the system.. so i restart it
It starts automatically with vista and after a while the system just hangs up....just the mouse moves for a minute or so and then everything freezes and after a minute or so there comes our favourite BSOD!! What to do now? I know how to get back my computer working but can someone tell me what the problem was with my vista? I see nowhere such kind of problem in the internet and even the BD doesn't explain bout the logo test ... Or can some one give me a location of BD total security 2008 which is certified or trusted for vista!!!

Thank you ... awaiting reply!

Do you know what the BSOD error is? We will need the Stop Error message to be able to help more. Also you could try a Restore point from before you installed BitDefender to fix this issue.

I had a bit of a trawl around the web for BitDefender problems, and though I didn't see your issue, there were loads of complaints that releases after 9 were problematic, with massive performance impact on the system.
I've never used it so can't comment on it personally, but AVG 8.0, Comodo (for x64) or Zonealarm, and Windows Defender will do the job for you and are all free.

Thank you guys for your valuable suggestions.. Plz forgive me for the late response as i was out of city this weekend.
Ya Bit Defender was su**ing big time.
Actually I know how to get back the system to normal condition. i just wanted to know whether others faced similar problem and how to make it work!
Thanks anyways.. I ll go with KIS 2007 or our zone alarm IS 2008
Sorry, I don't (and never have) use BitDefender so I'm of no help here.. but I can vouch for both Kasperksy and NOD32 for full Vista compatibility, great results, and snappy performance.

Zone Alarm was really good a while back, but I haven't really heard anything exciting from their camp in the last several years.