Black screen after bootmgr error.

Its a Vista Acer laptop over a year and half old. It started acting slow, then one day when it comes to turning it on it comes up with the bootmgr missing error message. Now I looked around and tried the disk repair solution. When it came to the repair it said it couldn't. I tried the "bootfix" after that and restarted to check results. It came up with a black screen with a flashing cursor. Now it won't even boot the cd no matter what boot order it has and no devices plugged in. Help!
You could try running Startup Repair more than once. Sometimes it takes multiple times to fix a problem. :lol:


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Coolname 007: Sorry I forgot to mention, I tried it several time (3-4) before trying bootfix and even if I wanted to try again it wont let me.

Terry60: Thanks, but it didn't help at all since it won't read a disk and it refuses to do anything else.


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Run " chkdsk c: /r " from the recovery console.