Black Screen When Starting Vista


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Get a black screen and unresponsiveness when starting up Vista? The solution in some cases might be simpler then you think. I came across the issue first hand myself today and decided I would post some insight on the problem.

After loading drivers, my screen was completely blank. Thinking that is was just a glitch in Vista where it wasn't displaying the screen, I did ctrl+alt+delete but still nothing. Keep in mind however that it was not driver related, as I continually keep up to date with the latestet updates.

So how did I fix the problem? I put the computer in standby and brought it back up. The login window then showed and all was well again. Now you'd haft to use the sleep key on your keyboard or hope you have standby setup to occur when you close the lid on your laptop in order to make this happen since you can't just click on the standby button from a start menu.

Not saying this is a solution that'll work in every case, but think about giving it a whirl the next time Vista decides to blackout on you.
Yep, but it turns out that when this happens the computer is working just fine short from the display which is refreshed anyway when the computer is brought back from standby.
I thought as much - I was wondering if when this happened to me (several times) and I fixed it with a reboot it was the same issue that you experienced or not.

Nice catch there, Justin! :smile:
Ok I've been internet browsing and accidently came across this article.

Apparently, its a problem with RPC that can be corrected when its running as a network service rather than under the system account. This may help some of you here who can't fix things even with system restore apparently, so before re-installing everything give it a shot. May be your lucky day.
Interesting article, Justin. :wink: I'll give it a try sometime if I have ever have that same problem, though of course I hope I never do! :brows: