Blank screen after running EasyBCD


My new Asus EEEPC came preloaded with windows 7 and I installed XP on the already created D: partition. After installing XP the computer would boot into XP. I installed EasyBCD and ran it, and it showed that I had the bootloader? file for windows 7 only, so I added the XP file and ticked 'automatically detect which drive XP is on' and also unticked any defualt O/S but said to let me choose.

When I restarted my computer the hard drive light was on for a few seconds (I assume this was the menu for me to choose which O/S to use) and then the screen just went blank, and no response from the keyboard.

I can still get into the bios (f2) and the windows 7 recovery mode (F9), but that is about it. Of course I can still boot from a CD/DVD if Neosmart lite would be of any help but I prefer not to have to re-install win 7 or XP.

My Asus has a built in O/S selection switch that lets me switch between Win 7 and a little hokey O/S that may be hidden in Partition F:. I wonder if this is causing problems. Also,this is a moot point at this stage since I can't get that far into the boot sequence.

Any suggestions would be vey much appreciated.

Cheers, Jim