Blank Screen and Dead Mouse...


Which makes me think it's not hardware related....

Hi all - thanks in advance for the thoughts/advice.

When the computer is off and the monitor is on, I get a 'no signal' message on the monitor so I know it's working.

When I turn the computer on, the monitor blinks once and then the monitor power button blinks on and off - as if there is no input (?) but I can't get any display, including the POST messages so I can boot to safe mode.

At the same time, the mouse (optic) is receiving power as I can change the dpi settings but the laser does not power on.

Both of these problems arose simultaneously.

The first time it happened, we just left it on for a while and the both 'came back to life'.

I did shut down the computer and now can't get either to respond, no matter how long I let it run.


Are you getting any POST error beeps ?
If so count them. The number will indicate whatever PC component is faulty.
Thanks Terry - I'll do that tonight when I get home. I'll report back after that.


POST Test reports no errors (beeps) at all. In fact, I can hear Vista load and give me the 'welcome' chime. Just can't see anything or use the mouse.
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You haven't got kids or pets that might have dislodged some of the connections behind the PC ?
Seems strange that 2 unrelated things should fail simultaneously.
(nobody spilled anything ?)
Is the mouse USB or PS2 ? If the former, have you tried a different port ?
I do have kids and pets - but I've checked the connections. They're solid.

I tried another mouse and I can get a laser on it but still no response from the monitor. I'm going to try to hook up a different monitor. *sigh*