Blank Screen boot up

Hello, I've tried to use this disk to boot up my machine to fix some boot manager problems but all i got was a black screen with a flashing _ for a couple of minutes. I knew something was wrong so i tried to make another disk and re-download the iso incase of any curruption but it was the same result over and over.

I have currently Vista 64bit and yes i have downloaded that iso. I used poweriso to mount and burn it. I set the bios options to the correct boot drive.All that i have trouble with is the actual boot up process.
Vista tries to read from the hard drive as it is booting. It shouldn't be locking up like that. It sounds to me that your hard drives corrupted. Disable your hard drive temporarily and try to boot from the cd agaain to see if it works. If you got a Ubuntu live cd or something else to access your drive boot from it and rescue your files.
Can you try booting the CD in another PC to verify that it burned correctly and is capable of being booted.
If this proves that it's OK, then take another look at your BIOS to make sure that CD/DVD comes before HDD in your boot sequence.
If it won't boot elsewhere, get yourself a free copy of Imgburn. We know absolutely that the ISO burns correctly with that software.
Remember that booting the CD requires input from you. There's a "press any key" message, which if ignored (if you switched on then went to get yourself a cup of tea, for instance) will skip the CD and go on to your (broken) HDD boot.
Good old Img.
I installed the Windows 7 Beta yesterday, and even Microsoft recommend Imgburn for burning their ISO image on the W7 instructions.
Glad you're sorted now.
ok guys i think am having the same prob or something different i dont know i cloned my harddrive into a new blank one i bought and havent connected it since then... i try booting from the cd evertthing goes all right it boots up and then loads window (the bar that goes laft to right over and over) and then screen is gone black i havent done much to try to reapir it i need it reapaired as soon as possible but cant afford mistakes ... heres a video i made it will explain alot
tks alot....
(update) wait so the problem was with power iso i think i used that maybe i should try it ill come back tomorow and see whats up but still take a look at the video plz
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Have you given ImgBurn a try? Its the one disk program we all know around here will get the job done. MS even recommends it.