blank screen

i have hp pavilion dv2210us vista laptop.when i turn on my computer its a blank screen it blinks and say operating system not found.i copy your vista recovery insert it on my dvd burner its not doing anything.even i turn it on or off still the same blqnk screen and blinking operating system not found.please help thank you
Try ejecting the HDD and plugging it in again a few times to clean up the contacts,
See if the OS reappears.
If not, check your BIOS to make sure you have it set to boot from CD before HDD.
Then try booting the CD again.
And have you checked the BIOS boot sequence ?
If CD comes before HDD, you should see "press any key to boot from CD" when you power on with a bootable CD in the tray.
If you don't get the message, either the CD is not bootable (it didn't burn correctly) or the BIOS sequence is wrong, or the optical drive is u/s.
You can check the CD by booting it in another fully functional PC.
You can check the BIOS and the CD drive by booting a known-good CD (an old Windows disc for example)
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yes,i checked the bios boot sequence.CD come before HDD but i did not see "press any key to boot from CD" when i power on with a bootable CD. we tried the bootable CD on a different PC but how do i know that the CD is really bootable.i tried windows 98 CD on the broken PC but nothing happened. thanks for your patience
How about selecting the CD drive from the boot menu if your computer has a boot menu option at boot?
The steps I mentioned were to eliminate possibilities, in order to determine a single cause for failure.
If the CD boots elsewhere, it's not the problem.
If the PC boots other CDs, it's not the problem.
Unfortunately you're no further on. If you cannot get anything to work anywhere, then you still don't know what the root cause is. All possibilities still exist.
We need to know the cause to determine your course of action. You don't want to keep burning CDs if the first one was OK, and you don't want to buy a new CD-ROM drive if the old one still works.
One other thing to try, if you have some DVD-RW or DVD+RW available, is try burning to a DVD instead of a CD. There are different lasers in a multi-media drive for the different formats, and it's possible that one has failed whilst the other still works.