Blinking cursor one black screen:same problem but with a twist

Hello all,

this is my first post here, so please be gentle :smile:

Problem is as mentioned above: at the booting phase i don't get to the Windows boot entry. In detail:
- virtualized environment (qemu), disk image created directly from partition (raw format); I am able too see the partitions content (this is in the disk image now), from the Windows RC. I was able to reproduce (several times, in fact, more details below because this is problem / question related) the procedure outlined in the 'nuclear holocaust' section on a article on this (fine!) site.
Now , after completing all the steps in that article, the system hangs at the boot phase (black screen with blinking cursor) before I see the list with the bootloader entries. After restarting again in Recovery console, I see the list with (one) the Windows entries, and then I click next (prior to completing those steps from N.H. , there was no entry at all). All sems fine, in here, however when I start with the steps mentioned there, and when I get to the step where Windows spits out the GUID , i noticed that it is different each time ! Now, from what I understand about all this, the GUID should not change 'randomly' accross reboots.... I open (in RC) the regedit and each time I found a different value under HKLM\{...}\MountedDevices!
Anyone knows how/why is this happening? I guess this is related to my initial problem, the B(lack)SOD at booting.