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Came across a wonderful ad block hosts file (page on it here). Copy + paste into your windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file, save, and you're done. I havent seen any annoying ads yet since Ive applied it. They also appear to have been keeping it updated :smile:
Wonder if it would work for this site? I havent been here in a while... and the ads are just enough to keep me from coming back. Bad move Guru!
On a side note, I would like to thank you for helping me out a while back (Vista Beta)... because of my ignorance and your knowledge I decided to go back to school, and I am now working with Cisco (CCNA and MCSE certified) and have been working working in networking for 2 years. Thank you Guru and thanks for the help.
I use Maxthon and I don't get any ads on this site, though I see them if I use Opera or IEx.
The ads help pay for this site, since everything comes out of guru's pocket short of the generous donations of everyone we've been able to help, but yes I havent been getting any ads here since than.
Thanks for the links, Justin. I have applied the new "hosts" file to my XP installation, and I should soon be able to see whether or not it blocks all the ads... :wink: Hopefully it will.
It blocks all the ad-servers they included. If you're still seeing ads get the domain and add it, though they've done a very good job. I havent needed to add any other entries...
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Oh, and did I mention their hosts file is really good at blocking ads? On some sites you might need to remove the file in order to view some ad supported content. For example with the latest version applied you can't watch Hulu or Revision3 shows off their webiste until the file is removed. So I wouldn't recommend this file anymore. It was nice while it didn't block sites people actually want to visit.

This file is still good if you don't mind removing it when it does block sites you want to view or you don't watch any videos on the net other than stuff off youtube.