Blocked for spamming

For many months, I could not login this forum.
Many computers were used in trying to log in this forum, and even newly re-installed computers, simply could not log in.

This is what happens:
Blocked for spamming shows up right after the "Thank you..." flashes on.

And there is something else. I logged in a bout a week ago from a public computer in the public library and posted a message.
But that message is now missing.

I don't think it is a problem of my computers because the same problem pops up even I use newly re-installed computers.

Any ideas what might be the cause of the problem?



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This forum, like many others, receives a good amount of spam posts and over the years a database of banned IP numbers has been built up.
It's possible that the IP number used in your previous attempts is on that list.
Your current one is fine however so no issues there.
If you have another occasion when you can't log in here use the "Contact Us" button at the very bottom of this or any other page, to the right on the dark band.
Then the Administrator will look into it.

P.S. If you can provide the IP numbers of the machines you couldn't log in from I'll gladly check them.