Blue Screen Error plz help.



I am trying to fix my friends computer, it gives a blue screen error while loading windows every time we try to start it. The Stop error code is OxOOOOC5F1. After a little researching it sounds to me the solution is to download the Windows recovery disc from this site and make the computer boot it up on startup. I did that, and when it boots from the cd it says loading windows setup or something like that and has a grey status bar. When it loads to 100% it will then start loading windows as if it were starting up and we get the blue screen error. How/why is the cd not completing the setup? Instead it tries to load windows after it loads the disc's setup.

Thanks in advance.
Change the boot priority in your BIOS to boot from the disc drive first and press a key to boot from the disc when it tells you to. Sounds like what you need to is system restore as a bad driver/piece of software has beeen installed. Click "Repair my computer", select your installation, and than in the recovery options menu clcik System Restore (not to be confused with complete pc restore). Take the computer back to a restore point or two before the computer began to have the problem.
I can get it to boot from the cd just fine, when i press a key to make it boot from cd it takes me to a loading screen where it says loading windows files with a grey loading bar, it is definately loading from the cd but when it finishes loading it starts loading windows, not the repair.
Sounds like the CD is bad...:wink: What program did you use to burn the ISO to a CD? Try ImgBurn, and see if you get the same result. :smile:


Ok, without the disc, can you get into safe mode? Press F8 contiously while you boot the computer until you get the Windows advanced options boot menu. If you can, than go ahead and use system restore from there. Start -> "system restore" in search box until it shows up in the list.
no, the blue screen error occurs no matter what mode we boot in. We have tried booting from last known good config, we tried system restore without cd. From what i have read about this particular error, the only way to fix it is by running the repair from the cd, or reformatting the entire drive. There is no way of getting to the desktop because the error will occur when windows is loading at startup. Again, safe mode wont work it still gives blue screen error. When we boot from the cd it will say loading windows files then when it is almost finished it will stop and start loading windows (like its trying to start up)
thanks for the help, but do u know why it isn't loading the disc? It says press any key to boot from disc, then it will bring me to a loading screen saying windows is loading files, when it completes it will start loading windows as if it is starting up, not loading the cd so i can do a repair. BTW i was using imgburn to burn the cd.
Its doing exactly what you've been describing. Sometimes it'll try to boot an installation if it finds one while other times the disc can't be used at all until the partitions have been wiped off the hard drive. Since you can't get the built-in safe mode and other advanced options to work and can't use the recovery disc, you will need to get GParted live disc or another tool that you can boot from and use to wipe the drive before grabbing your Vista install disc for a re-installation. Use a linux live disc to rescue important files to external media first though.