Blue Screen... Need Fast Help!!!!


I installed daemon tools 3.33 because I would need it and in some webpage it said that it is compatible with vista... Anyway it seems that it is not...

Now I get blue screen immediatly after logon or even when I am not log in then after while blue screen comes... Same situation in safe mode...

Is there any way manually go back one step before installation of daemon tools? Or manually remove correct daemon tools drivers...

I downloaded live linux and ntfs-3g so I have write access to hard disk but I want to know what to do before doing more problems...
Get your Windows Vista DVD out, boot to the first screen, then pick "advanced options" or "repair startup" or something.

Pick your OS, and select System Restore. Go back to that point.

Boot to safe mode (press F8 on the list of OSes to do that), and use
Start | Accessories | System Tools | Sysyem Restore to do the same.
Then when you're done get Virtual CloneDrive instead, its free, and its faster than dT, and its compatible with Vista, scouts honor.