Blue Screen of Death on Win7

I'm having a BSOD problem.
My error code is: System_Service_Exception
Stop error code: 0x0000003b (0x00000000c000001d,0xfffff88000000000, 0xfffff88007084150,0x0000000000000000)
This has happened 3 times in the past week.
I'm running an HP G60-458DX 64bit laptop.
I haven't added any new hardware. I'm only using the same periphels that I always have: a wireless keyboard and mouse, an Iomega extendal hard drive. I had an SD card in one of the times this happened and removed it. Then I rebooted to the last known good configuration. It's been okay for about 12 hours now.
I'm seriously thinking about going back to Vista.
I'm also not very computer saavy. Any suggestions, solutions, etc. would be greatly appreciated!
Open C:\Windows\Minidump

Create a ZIP file with the newest file there, and upload it here as an attachment.
That was everything. I used GSplit and split it into 18 different files so they wouldn't be too big. How do I know which ones to upload. Like I said, I'm not very computer saavy. I haven't any idea how to find out what files are in the memory dump folder.
Right-Click on My Computer -> Properties
Advanced -> Startup and Recovery -> Settings

Change the drop-down to "Small Memory Dump"

When you get a blue screen again, the newest file should be small (around 256KB). Upload that one here.
Thanks. I've done that and when (or if) I get that BSOD again I'll upload the file. I guess I just sit and wait for now! I hope by downloading the newest driver for my "Realtek" reader I won't get that again.
You would upload all the pieces, but thats not necessary since you had the small dump option disabled and can get a smaller file for us to look at.