Blue Screen on Boot


When I boot my computer I end up with a blank blue screen & a movable cursor. Same thing in safe mode. I boot from the Vista 64 recovery disk & go to repair option. There is no operating system listed to repair. It asks to load drivers, but I have no idea where I might find them. Can someone help me get past this point on the recovery disk. The computer is an HP Pavilion with an AMD Quad core processor runing windows 64, 6gb of ram, 200 gb hard drive. Thank you in advance for your help!!
If you have more than one HDD, temporarily disconnect all except the Vista drive you want to repair, and try the "startup repair" again. It sometimes can't find the OS in these circumstances.
If you've only one HDD, did you try clicking "next" even though it couldn't find an OS to fix ?
Sometimes that will effect stage 1 of the repair and your OS will reappear. Then you need to do the whole boot, "repair your computer", "startup repair" routine another two times. (It can only fix one thing at a time and there might be several missing elements of the boot process)
Though in your case, it sounds like you're getting past the boot and the OS is hanging, so following Jus's advice might get you past a bad HDD block that's hanging the system.
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Justin - The only way I can get to the command propis using the Vista Recovery disk & getting to the system recovery options. At the command prompt window I get X:\Sources>. I type in what you suggested & I get "chkdsk is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file". However, when I just run chkdsk it runs & tells me that there is 3086 KB of total space - my drive is 200GB. There are no bad sectors 2485KB in use by the system, 2048KB occupied by the log file, 597KB available. Apparently it does not see the rest of the drive. I tried changing it from X to some other letter like C, I get "the device is not ready". BTW, I tried doing choosing thecomplete restore option & it cannot find the operating system. Any ideas?


Terry - I have only one HD. When I try "repair your computer" I get "windows cannot repair this computer automatically. Going into "problem signiture" I get a list of items the most interesting being "NoHardDrive" & Diabosis & Repair Details, Test Performed, System Disk Test completed successfully, error code: 0x0. And Root cause found - A hard disk could not be found. However, as I have said previously, running chkdsk, a hard drive is found, but only a very small portion of it. Any ideas?
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The partition's looking as if its corrupted beyond repair. Let's go ahead and try to re-assign the drive letter:

select disk 0
list part

Take note of the number of the Vista partition and replace with x:

select part x
remove all
assign letter=c:

See if you can run chkdsk again.
I did as you suggested. When I do "diskpart> list part" I get - "there are no partitions on this disk to show". Did I screw up?
No, the drives finished. You can try the following:

select disk 0

Use windows installation media other than our recovery disc to perform a re-install of Windows.