Blue Screen/Windows Vista unloadable/recovery not worked

hiya I hope some one can please help me here

a few days ago i went to log on to my ACER laptop Vista 32 but it just would not load not even onto safe mode
i know how to get to safe mode and im not too bad at computers so usually manage to sort out little niggles.Trouble is i think this maybe to do with it trying to download up service pack 2.

i dont think it loaded correctly and was told failure.the next day the laptop just wouldnt log on

i get the blue screen saying stop error 0x0000C1F5 check for any updtes you may need restart comp and press f8 to select safe mode.BUT that wont work
i just get the repia eroor and if i select it then back to blue screen

i searched net and found you and took me 2 days to download the recovery cd from here as i have slow net.(this is another old comp) i selected bios to load from cd and it loaded files but then back to repair screen and blue screen.did this several times but just wont load anything else

maybe its because my laptop has half installed service pack 2 so wont work with the service pk 1 based recovery cd?

i dont mind wiping the vista if i have too but i really ned to save some great photos stored there and maybe my emails saved.if only i can get theses some how ??

i dont have a vista cd it didnt come with one :/ but i do have a windos xp cd

please help.i be so grateful :smile: xx
HI thank you for reply

sorry took while get back to use another computer to check replies

i went to Ubuntu and found a link to using torrent from there which may make downloading a litle easier as when the computer is turned off the torrent stores and restarts at same place.very handy : )

its going to take me some days to download it i think though

is there anything else i can try to use to reboot my laptop while i wait for the ubunta?

thank you x
its saying that file is going to take from 2 to 3 weeks to download due to my internet speeds !!!

i have managed to get into "edit boot options" using f10

it says path \windows\system32\winload.exe

partition 2 and hard disk number

it seems like there is something missing from this.i can edit the last bit in brackets if there is something missing ?

cant get into safe mode or any other area.the disc didnt reboot for me even though i tried burn it sure it cant be that hard to fix once i actually boot into safe mode and repair

tried asking around for a windows vista disc but seems most people not supplied with one either .any more advice apreciated thanks
Don't you have a friend or a local library or internet cafe with a broadband link that you could get the download done in a couple of minutes ?

my friends dont actuall have internet and i have a disability which makes me housebound if not bedbound most of the time

this is why i was so silly adding phots over the years and not backing them up to a storage disc or usb drive.ive only just been learning about them since i been stuck without my laptop
i was gifted the laptop beacuse of my illness and used it to contact the outside world :smile:

i was shown this link to microsofts answer for my error numbers

How to work around Stop Error 0x0000C1F5 on a Windows Vista-based computer

it says i need windows 7 to solve you think the 7 rescue disc would help me in that case?

ive given up trying to download would take forever.i may order a caddy and put my hard drive into it and rescue onto my pc but im pretty worried about messing that up
Ubuntu offers free discs through its ShipIt program where they well ship one to you. Unfortunately, depending on demand it can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks. I know its slow but downloading is probably faster. Because MS Windows is a paid product, no one can just download a free/legal copy of Windows 7. You would need to actually buy Windows 7. At that point you might as well just wipe the drive clean and install Windows 7 on there. Perhaps one of your friends can help you out, take the computer to someone who can fix it.