everytime I want to go on the internet with win7 i got bluescreen and laptop restarts.

I got this message: C:\windows\minidump\05011-30997-01.dmp

Yesterday I had also problems with live messenger so i deleted it. I did a memorycheck and scandisc...nothing unusual. Yesterday I also used easybcd for a dualboot but I'm not sure this has something to do with it.

Help is welcome,

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I don't know how to delete this thread but my problem is solved. I just installed some windows updates and no problems so far. I just never install all those updates because it slows down my pc but now I had to
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Glad you are OK. It's important to keep everything totally up to date, including Windows, software and hardware even - drivers for instance.

Do a system cleanup from time to time to help speed things up. A few hints on that here.

If you have problems don't hesitate to come back and ask.

P.S. I have a netbook as a standby to my PC and have found that the biggest thing that bogged it down was a cumbersome all-inclusive security suite. Once I got rid of that and simply installed an anti-virus and a software firewall only, things sped up quite a bit. I use Avast A/V and Comodo F/W, both free on that machine. I use XP Pro SP3 and Windows 7 Ultimate on the netbook, dual boot, and while it is not the speediest of machines, it suffices as my standby.
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Thank you a lot Ex_Brit,

I already installed ccleaner and my firefox is going much faster. I will read & handle the other options another time. As antivirus I use microsoft essentials and I am very content with it and it's also free.

See you around