Bluetooth Headset To Replace Mic & Speaker


I was just wondering how do i set my bluetooth headset to work with my computer. I'm current using the bluetooth headset for my phone but would like to get it connected to the PC so i can use it for MSN or web conference. Do i need additional softwares to run this? I really don't know where to begin. Hope to get some answers from here :unamused:
Which stack are you using Scann?
I used the official Widdcomm (sp?) but I didn't like it much...
I believe mine is Widdcomm too. Well....i did not have to upgrade or change the stack. I just followed the instructions and got it to work :smile: Well, my Blustooth adapter is a Billionton brand.

I'm not having any luck with getting the Widdcomm stack installed in Vista. What about you?
It's not possible.

The entire Bluetooth communication stack in Windows Vista was rewritten even more extensively than the audio and networking stacks.. that might make me use bluetooth on my PC again.. I haven't been a fan of the no-standards protocols cropping up around the web, and the severe degree of incompatibility between different manufacturers of virtually identical devices.
dear boss, i just wanted to knwo how do i get my PC mic adn speakers transfered to smartphone 5700 via bluetooth.

pls help
Is it possible to use bluetooth headsets designed for mobile phones with your PC. i've been scouring the net for details on bluetooth PC headsets, but every search ends up displaying mobile headsets only..

My problem begins right at the start and it's really kind of an odd one.
I'm using win7 64bit and I'm trying to connect Nokia BH-102 headset.
I have already tried several programs such as BlueSolei, WIDCOM... but my headset just cannot be found.
I can connect it with my nokia phone, my phone also connects with PC, but headset+PC combination just doesn't work - it doesn't show itself anywhere. I'm all out of ideas, so I'm turning out to you guys.
See this... all you need is Windows. You don't need any extra programs to establish a bluetooth connection other than maybe drivers for your bluetooh reciever, which should be working already if you can connect your phone.