Boot\BCD - 98


Installed ubuntu 10 on windows7 and then used the Neosmart software with the intention of removing ubuntu and recovering the 20GB partition ... after a reboot i am getting

File: \Boot\BCD
Status: 0x0000098

I am unable to get back to my windows7 64-bit and dont have a recovery disc. Is there anything i can do -- dont want to rebuild my PC. Pls help
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i have not and will do - but will this wipe my entire PC or just fix the boot issue? I also dont have a CD/DVD drive ...


btw - thank you for your help ... this is a work PC and I should have never played with ubuntu .. what a mess
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It will not wipe the entire PC. It will fix the boot. But if you dont have a CD/DVD Drive your going to be in for a lot of fun. Cause you then have to follow some intructions on how to get the Recovery CD onto a USB Thumb Drive to boot from it, if your PC allows it in the first place, and fix the boot issue.

If not then it looks like your going to have to contact your IT Department and let them know what happened and have them fix it.
Found software to create ISO into USB ... freeware called UNetbootin, Universal Netboot Installer. I am back to normal .. thx for all the help.