boot\bootsect not recognized command on neosmart cd\


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I installed vista business x64 over the HP factory Home Premium 64x, all old vista files and my program files are in a directory called windows.old. I have MS technote 933168 that explains how to go back to a previous instance of Vista.

I could not get to the repair screen on the HP System Recovery DVD so I downloaded the 64 bit version of the neosmart vista x64 cd\. I got into the repair screens and the command promt and got all the way through the technote instructions until I got to e:\boot\bootsect /nt60 c:. I get a "command not recognized message" so I am wondering if the CD\'s version of dos does not recogize the command, but the dvd version of the CD would.
From what i know the 64 Bit CD was created with BartPE. It was not created the same way the Vista CD was for 32 Bit. The HP System Recovery DVD that you have would be more like the 32 Bit CD we have.