boot change undo


Starting out with admittance of messing things up is not the best way to say hello all.
In too much of a hurry, I tried to change/repair the boot sector of a drive I had piggybacked on the main system (similar toan external drive). The boot sector changed, but now that drive will not boot up.
I get a message from Win Boot Mgr. problem is
File : /boot/bcd

Status 0xc000000f

Info: An error occured while attempting to read the boot configuration data.

I think this is because the boot sector changed isn't on the drive where I installed the program. I can access the bad boot drive to work with data, but since it's not the one with the OS activated, I don't know how to install the program to an inactive drive:??
EasyBCD latest build > BCD Backup/Repair > Change boot drive
will copy all the necessary files to the target drive
(note copy, it won't affect the live system)
Switch to the target drive in the BIOS and it should boot.
Thanks Terry.
I'll give it a try, but not sure if I explained enough. I'm just piggybacking the problem drive off a working system to save files, pics, etc. It's problem is that it won't boot in the first place. I'm trying to fix the boot sector on that drive so it will work as it used to in a stand alone system.
I'll give what you suggested a try though.