boot configuration store could not be opened


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Hi there,

I installed easybcd since i've been having problems with hibernation, and it seems related to my hidden partition (i have to assign a drive letter to the hidden partition in order to be able to hibernate). I was hoping easybcd could help me out with that, but when i open it, i get the error message: "The boot configuration data store could not be opened. The system cannot find the file specified."

I'm sure that if I assign a drive letter to my hidden partition, all will be well. But, it really sucks to have to do that all the time. Do you have any tips for how I might solve this problem?


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Thinkpad T400 2764-CTO
You can use EasyBCD to convert your Windows partition to the boot partition, throwing the hidden partition out of the mix entirely.

Assign the hidden partition a letter, run EasyBCD, go to "BCD Install/Repair" and select "Change Boot Drive" and select your Windows partition from the drop-down list.