Boot entry for XP setup


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Having some trouble, hoping to get some advice. I recently partitioned my HD so I could install XP alongside my existing Win7. During setup I selected the new partition and it copied all the setup files to F: but when the computer restarted it said something like "error could not find operating system". So I tried to use the Win7 recovery disk and startup repair. It said it fixed it and it could boot but I still got the error after restart. After that I used my Truecrypt recovery cd to restore the original boot loader (my system was no longer encrypted and Truecrypt is uninstalled). Now my Win7 is back to normal and the windows boot loader has one entry: for Win7, in 'My Computer' F: is still there with the XP setup files. How can I add a boot entry for XP setup? Thanks for any help.


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You've got to complete the XP installation before you can set up a dual-boot entry.
Have you got CD set to boot before HDD ?
If not, the install will fail on the first reboot during the install, because it tries to boot from the HDD instead of returning to the CD.