Boot error after EasyBCD usage

I used the free EasyBCD tool on a working multi boot system with Windows 10 and several Debian partitions, because I was annoyed by the windows start managers. After that my system doesn't boot anymore, exactly like here: windows 7 wont boot anymore, get \nst\autoneogrub0.mbr missing or corrupt . Now I downloaded Easy USB Creator Lite and the Windows 10 Rollback Utility iso, burned it to an USB and booted the notebook to the Easy Recovery Essentials. In a partition table showen I can identify mit Windows 10 partition, but when trying to recover it, I receive the message that I would need to buy a full license to access that feature. Now I have two questions:
1.) Is this the program I need to get mit Windows 10 up and running again?
2.) I was using a free utility from NeoSmart in the correct manner for one time on a working system, and this utility broke the system. Do you really want to charge for the program fixing this error? I think, this should be free in this case.