"Boot Error" Had Bootmgr error installed vista recovery disc on usb and get boot erro


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I tried to restore my Dell laptop xps 1530 to factory settings and lost the or just didn't have a recovery partition.
Dell charged me $60 to get recovery discs, however there is a cd in my slot load drive.

Unless I take apart the computer I can't get it out.

I downloaded the vista 32-bit recovery discs and used Power ISO to mount them, then copied the files to my USB stick and put in my computer, then turned it on.

I changed the order in BIOS to boot from USB and made the CD unbootable.

I am only getting a "Boot Error". How do I get the command prompt?
Please help, I am so frustrated, and Dell has tried to help but they are clueless!!!
Just to copy files to an USB Stick didn't makes the stick bootable!

You could create a USB Stick bootable with Vista using the command window of Vista or Windows 7:
1. Open RUN as Administrator (you could hit the WinKey + R)
2. (type the follwin command all ended with hit Enter) cmd
3. diskpart
4. list disk
5. select disk (use that number of your USB Stick)
6. clean
7. create partition primary
8. select partition 1
9. active
10. fo0rmat fs-fat32
11. assign
12. exit
13. exit

Now you'll need to have the Vista DVD in DVD Drive.
Assume the dvd drive is drive D:\ and the newly formatted USB Stick is drive E:\ you'll need to run the followin command from Command Windows: xcopy d:\*.* /s/e/f e:\

Set the Bios of your Laptop for to boot from USB, place the USB Stick in an USB Port and start your laptop. Now you should be able to "erepair" your laptop.
That tool didn't work with all ISO files!

It has worked with every Microsoft ISO File that I have tried it with. Considering the Recovery Disks were made using the material given to us by Microsoft, their tool will work. Plus I have personally done it.

No it doesnt work with all ISO files, cause it is not made to work with ISO's that are not made by Microsoft. Why would they release a tool for everyone to use when it specifically states Windows 7 USB/DVD Tool? Logic will tell you that it wouldnt work with a Ubuntu or *NIX based ISO.