Boot failure -black screen

I am running windows 8 on my Dell xps and I used EasyBCD to try to dual boot windows and mac. My mac version needed to boot up in legacy mode, so I figured that issue out and my boot menu became pointless. I had two entries made in my EasyBCD menu and deleted both. I received an error saying nothing would boot up if there were no entries. I added an option for the computer to boot to Windows, but I did not link it to the default boot for windows. Now when my computer boots up it loads Windows boot manager. Windows 8 is displayed as an option, but when I click on it nothing loads up. A black screen appears and that is all. How do I go about fixing the path for my boot menu. I tried using the command prompt command bcdedit.exe /fixmbr . This did not fix the problem. I can boot up the windows install disk or DOS if needed to do so. I would like to keep the information on the hard drive and not do a clean restore. Can anyone help me with this problem? I would also like to remove EasyBCD once the process is done.