Boot from a .vhd file


Hello, I'm new here. Please excuse my imperfect english.

I've installed first time Win7 by following instructions of a "computer jurnal" named com-magazin

There was a thead: "install windows in a file"
They give us a description how we can install a OS in a .vhd file by using DISKPART and creating a Virtual Hard Drive
for example: C:\win7.vhd
list volume
create vdisk file=C:\win7.vhd type=expandable maximum=50000
select vdisk file=C:\win7.vhd
attach vdisk
So far so good...
If I now like to use EsayBCD, I can not choose "boot from a vhd-file"
I can choose only .WIM files for WinPE.

Can you plug in a function what make it possible to boot from a .VHD?
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MY mistake!

I was just experimenting with other software and those was V.3.1.3

When is the stable v2 ready to download?
I don't need the software immediately, but this function would be quite nice.
My system is complete for now and works fine, but I KNOW, I'll reinstall it someday.

THX for your fast reply, Guru

...this is a really useful tool if someone is not familiar with the command prompt.
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Our betas not like other beta products. You should be able to use it worry free. If there are problems we work with you to troubleshoot them while CG fixes them for future builds. You are much better off using the newest beta buld rather than 1.7.2 in order to have support for the latest OSes and features such as VHD booting.
That *other software* is illegally derived from EasyBCD's source code... except it doesn't work as well or have as many features.