Boot from ISO: compatibles ISOs



As it is mentionned in the documentation, boot from iso is not ever working (i 'd even tell: is rarely working, at least with linux based livecd).

I'm looking for a stand alone media player live cd i plan to run on a media center.
- XBMC 9.11 is not working
- GeeXBox is not working.

and, more generally;
- Hiren is not working (except minixp, but others things...)
- UBCD is not working
- Linux mint 9 is not working...

Is someone aware on a media center like iso working (or a WIM one), and can we build a list of working ISOs ?

TY, Graveen.
- HP Memory Diagnostics ISO works!! (HP self-extracting file is sp50169.exe)

I also read in here earlier that this feature is made for small ISOs like memtest.

I have tried 3 diferent ISOs of winPE based boot CDs, none worked. But I found in all three if thoses cases there was a WIM file within the CD and once this WIM is extracted from the ISO, EasyBCD can boot it. The three Boot CDs I refer to here are Ghost 14, Windows 7 Recovery, HP Vision Diagnostics (HP file sp50028.exe)

One other ISO I found that works is a Winternals Administrator Pack boot CD. This ISO is 227MB so Size is not what's stopping the others as my Win7 Recovery ISO is only 172 MB. So, this Winternal Admin Pack boots but then crashes with a BSOD. That is no fault of EasyBCD as it also BSODs when I boot from the physical CD on this machine. Probably just new hardwqre which is incompatible with this older WinXP install type of boot environment. It would probably work on older equipment.

Any other ISOs else work for anyone.
As i mentionned, Hiren Boot CD 's mini XP can be launched, as Mini Linux. With MiniXP, you can't start the files (they are not accessibles - i think they are expected to be read from CDROM). The 'DOS' tools are suffering the same issue: they began to start, but they failed on the CDROM detection (afais, Hiren start on mini image copied in ram, then mount the CDROM to load the tools).
Boot from ISO emulates a lot of the hardware. Any CD that attempts to re-scan/re-create the underlying hardware will fail.

This isn't an EasyBCD problem.