Boot from recovery disk, then start network?


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I can successfully boot from the Vista recovery CD and load my hard disk drivers. THANKS!! for this. Now I'd like to start my network from the command prompt so I can access my network drives. When I issue a "net start workstation" command, it complains that a file is missing (but doesn't tell me which file).

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
I don't believe the recovery enviornment allows for this. If you can get into safe mode on the computer you want to fix you should try safe mode with networking. If thats not an option you should build a BartPE/UBCD4Win disc if you want to access your network to copy over files. If you don't got an XP disc to build from you can download MSes Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) as an .iso, burn it to disc, install it, and than use it as the Windows source for creating a really stripped down version of Vista on disc using VistaPE.
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