Boot from Recovery Partition

I have a tablet pc that came with a recovery partition. In Diskmanager, I see that it is hidden and healthy. The problem is, when I hit F8 to enter the advanced boot menu, there is no menu option to repair my computer. The manufacturer tells me that I might have screwed up the boot manager. Is there a way to simply add this menu item to the advanced boot menu or make the parttition bootable so I can restore back to factory results? Everything else is booting and working fine. This is Windows 7 home premium.
Actually got this fixed. I downloaded the Windows & recover files and created a recovery disk. I ran it ad chose reinstall windows. It told me it couldn't find d:\recovery\install.wim. I used diskpart, un-hid the recovery partition, assigned it to D:, and tried again. This time it ran. Afterward I removed the drive letter and hid the partition. Only took a week of looking for the solution!