boot from usb on older machines



i have acer travelmate 4050 machine and i want to try the new version of EASYBCD. i had a lot
of trouble installing dual boot of win 7 and ubuntu because of an old bios, so i've decided to install EASYBCD's bootmanager on a usb device and try it's booting options. however,when i try to boot from the usb i get a "disk error" message. the DOK boots fine on newer machine so i guess the problem is with an incompatible bios. is there an option to make the bootmanager compatible for older bios? the bios has the option to boot from usb so it's just a matter of compatibility.

Install EasyBCD BIOS Extender, then boot into BIOS Extender and from *there*, you can boot into the USB.
my question was opposite - i want to boot the machine from the usb and not to install the boot loader on the hard drive (if i understand you correctly). btw - quick response :wink:
To boot the machine from the USB, you need to have a BIOS that supports it.

You don't.

Short of a BIOS upgrade (if one is available, that is), you can install the EasyBCD BIOS Extender on the notebook, *then* use that to boot from the USB.
Yeah, there are varying degrees of support. A lot of manufacturers like to play loose with the word "support" and define it to fit a very particular use case.
i know :booyah: and this returns me to my original question - is there's anyway to add support to legacy bioses?
Not unless you're a reverse-engineering expert, have access to a proprietary EEPROM programmer, and know how to hack in the improved USB boot code.
Sorry about the long question... I have this problem too, and I got a "What IF?" ... What If,... and where can I find a Boot CD or Boot CD maker with a USB bios Extender so that I can boot from the CD rom, and it will have the option menu to boot the USB drive that conveniently was not in my boot menu. I have a POS Sony VAIO with a phoenix and it has no USB boot menu, and no option in the BIOS menu and I want to boot from the USB via the CD drive. - The BIOS version is A Phoenix: R0108K7 on a VAIO Model PGC-FRV37 - Also: I know you can press Ctrl+F1 on some BIOS' is there another code to get into the Poweruser or Repair mode??? Any help will be appreciated... Thanks!