boot issue


I have Vista and Xp loaded on two different partitions on a RAID 0. Both OS's work fine, however after loading my NVIDIA display drivers, and rebooted, it went straight to XP. I have tried everything listed in this forum about recovering the Vista bootloader and nothing has even come close to working. Any ideas?
Yes, It told me that there was no restore point. Funny thing about that is, that I set a restore point right after reinstalling Vista and loading the LAN and Audio Drivers. I rebooted several times and did see the boot manager. Loaded the Nvidia drivers again a poosh, no boot manager. I don't know if it makes any difference, but when the Vista DVD is in the drive, I get the manager, when it isn't it goes straight into XP.
Have a look on the XP partition for the Vista bootmgr and a pale yellow Boot folder ( need to show hidden files to see them )

Assuming they are there, you could try this:

put the vista dvd in the drive - use run and enter this:

dvddriveletter:\boot\Bootsect.exe /NT60 All

Then run startup repair from the dvd.
Have you taken precautions to stop XP seeing Vista ?
If not, that's why you have no restore points.
When you've repaired the Vista boot, try this MS registry hack on XP and check whether your Vista restore points are unaffected by booting XP.
If it doesn't work (it doesn't work for all configurations), you can use HnS to do the job.

On the subject of getting your boot working, you say you've tried everything ?

Does that include booting your Vista DVD, "repair your computer" "startup repair" at least 3 times ?