Boot linux from the VHD

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Linux can already be booted from disk images, just not necessarily VHD format. Why would you benefit from VHD in particular?


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Using VHD allows you to quickly test the capabilities of the operating system without its physical Installation. Installation in a virtual machine.
Sometimes you need to test the OS on a physical machine from the VHD. At the moment I'm doing this with the help of a physical device Zalman VE300, VE400.

But it would be convenient to do it means of the OS itself, and your program.

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Greetings. That does make sense - I did not understand you would be booting the VHD both from the disk and in a virtual machine.

It is a good idea. For now, if you like, Qemu can (virtually) boot raw Linux disk images (not VHD, though).
You will find vhd booting possibility:
1. Virtual booting
You can create multi partitions inside a vhd file.
All iso, img, vhd, frugal and full install systems will work.
Just use virtualbox and grub4dos.
Virtual booting in a multi-partitioned VHD - YouTube

2. Real booting
Windows vhd (xp, 7, 8) of course will work ok.
Linux will boot also in vhd, but only frugal install and no write ability in vhd (just work like you boot linux from iso).
Some linux distros work fine like: taz-chrome, lps, 4m, puppy, porteus etc.
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