Boot Linux Live CD


I am dual booting 2 versions of Windows 7, one in the C partition and the other on the D partition.

I want to try a Linux Live CD. When I turn on my computer I have been told to press the function (F) keys.

But since I'm dual-booting with EasyBCD it seems that the Boot Options BIOS menu doesn't show up.

My setting is for Windows 7 Ultimate as default which will load after 5 seconds at the Windows Boot Menu.

When should I be pressing the function keys to boot from a CD-ROM?

Mak 2.0

Staff member
You shouldnt have to press anything. You need to go into the BIOS and set the CD ROM to boot first. The BIOS menu will still be there as EasyBCD doesnt affect the BIOS at all or anything within it. EasyBCD is only a graphical look of the BCD itself, the Windows boot loader. It is nothing more than that and can do nothing more than modify that.