Boot manager display glitch


hi, have recently installed genie timeline have used the inbuilt function to create the virtual partition startup disk. that appears to be added correctly. easybcd editor shows

the system start properties show

but on boot, i get three lines in the menu which are not labelled like the bcd entries.


pls. forgive the wobbly hand when i took the picture.

microsoft windows 7
macrium reflect system recovery
macrium reflect system recovery

selecting windows 7 starts windows 7, selecting the upper macrium recovery starts the macrium recovery system, selecting the lower line also labelled macrium recovery starts the genie recovery.

has anyone else noted this, if so have you found a work around or fix? as it is OK in windows own properties page, i suspect it is something odd in windows itself rather than easybcd. it is not a great problem, but it would be nice to have 'genie recovery' displayed rather than the competition. :wink:

have i missed a step somewhere?

system is win7 ultimate x64
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Hi Kronckew, welcome to NST :smile:

As chance would have it, I wrote both the code for EasyBCD and Genie Timeline's "Disaster Recovery" ... and the problem you're having is from a conflict between the original Macrium entry and the GTL entry added later, as a result of a problem in Windows itself.

Quick fix: Delete the current entry in EasyBCD, and add a new WinPE entry (EasyBCD -> Add New Entry -> WinPE 2.0) pointing to C:\GenieTimelineDR.wim

I'll bug this with Genie-Soft, and it'll hopefully be fixed in the next point release :smile:

I hope you're enjoying both Genie Timeline and EasyBCD :grinning:
hi, thanks for the reply, i'll do that.

so far genie is working fine, hope i'll never need to recover from a disaster, but nice to know i have not one but two good backup systems guarding my back. easybcd is also a life saver for me. why microsoft has not come up with an easy to use GUI like it i do not know.


ok, deleted the genie entry & attempted to add it back in as you noted, and got an error that the name already existed. i reset the bcd configuration, added in the windows 7 entry, added in the genie entry (OK this time) tried adding the macrium entry, got the error again that the name already existed. i then used macrium's builtin utility to recreate the entry, and all seems OK now, booted and all three unique entries are in the boot manager menu.

shukran again for your help, sadiqi. :smile:
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