Boot manager preventing selection of USB boot drive

I installed EasyBCD to attempt to set up a dual Linux boot on an external USB drive. I didn't find an option to do so and didn't select any options from the menus. On exit from EasyBCD and on reboot I found a new menu called "Boot Manager" when I hit F12 to select the boot order. This menu only permits the selection of the HD or netboot. I no longer have access to a USB boot option on the Windows HD.

Strangely, swapping the Windows HD with the Linux drive also causes the same "Boot Manager" menu to appear and of course the inability to boot by USB.

Does EasyBCD hook into the BIOS to intercept the boot order process? Otherwise how could the "Boot Manager" appear on 2 hard drives, one being Linux?

Can anyone explain how to remove this "Boot Manager" and restore access to the normal boot menu and my USB boot drives?


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This is a UEFI PC ?
If so, loads of boot options you've never seen before will appear.
Please give a bit more detail, and don't try deleting anything you don't understand.
Chances are you'll brick the entire boot process.
(btw, none of it was done by EasyBCD)