boot MBR on sdb?


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After nuking my shiny new machine with Vista pre-installed by trying to install linux, I re-installed Vista on sda, slapped in a second sata drive and installed suse 10.2 on sdb, and instructed grub to install on the mbr on sdb. My goal was to have easybcd offer a choice of which drive's mbr to boot off of. I can't seem to get it to recognize sdb. It sees d:, but thats really the recovery(?) partition that came with the machine. I'm not keen on the idea of allowing grub to install on sda... I really don't want to have to rebuild again! How do I make this machine dual-boot without clobbering vista? Or maybe I should just give up on Vista....
Hello slh,

Sorry I missed your post (it's in the wrong forum - moving it now)...

Anyway, you have to install GRUB to the Bootsector of your partition instead of the MBR of the drive.
Installing the bootloader (in this case, GRUB) to the MBR is a hack used by almost all operating systems - but it's not reliable.

So install GRUB to the bootsector of your partition for linux, and from the add/remove entries screen in EasyBCD specify the drive and partition to be used, then reboot :smile: