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Just installed EasyBCD and I cannot find anywhere in the software to create a keyboard access to the boot menu.

Little background: I have Windows 7 as default OS and I recently installed Ubuntu 12.04 in a seperate partition. I can access both OSes via the boot manager but I want Windows 7 to boot by default without displaying boot menu and ubuntu only to boot when access the boot menu via keyboard shortcut. So by default the menu never shows unless I use the keyboard to show the boot menu then and only then I can boot Ubuntu.

Can this be done?

Help much appreciated.



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Easiest to just put the timeout to 1 sec. Using the keyboard will halt the countdown.
The Visual BCD is extreemly complex and lacking documentation. I ended up having to run my startup disk to recover a Windows boot.

Any additional help on the is greatly appriciated.
Yeah, I did use Easy BCD as my original post says, But I was trying Custom Bootstrap actions from Terry60's link above, that shows the visual BCD program. EasyBCD was not giving me keyboard shortcut options to access the boot menu.


Sort of Cracked it! Using Visual BCD. created a shortcut access key while inside the boot loader menu. The only OS showing is Windows and shows for a few seconds. And in that moment I can then hit the shortcut keys to access the linux grub boot.

Would still like to access the menu post BIOS and prior to it appearing though.
If anyone has any more efficient methods would be happy to hear them.

Thanks for everyones helps on this.
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Your post above says Visual BCD just as this post does. It is NOT Visual BCD, it is EasyBCD. There is a big difference.

The custom bootstap option is not something that is done by EasyBCD nor is it supported by EasyBCD. That custom bootstrap documentation is made by someone else and they have to give you the reason why the keyboard isnt working, we are not the people who wrote up that guide. We just offered you a solution for the question asked.

EasyBCD does not have the functions to do what you want built in. The Guides posted by Terry are for something completely different and are not supported or created by people on this site. EasyBCD does have great documentation within our Wiki to create a multi boot menu. Which the program does. You want to beyond that scope and possibly break what EasyBCD does, that is your choice but is in no way the fault of EasyBCD or the people here. We can only support your efforts on the EasyBCD aspect which is operational.

Sorry for the inconvience, but those are the facts. We can try to assist you, but the truth is that our program does what it states it does. Your making changes that are not in the design of the program and therefor we cant be held responsible for anything that is being done.
Hi Mak, thanks for your info. totally understand easy bcd has not given me all options for my bootstrap solution. but it has helped generally. the other visual bcd software has not done everything I wanted but it has also helped. thanks for the advice.


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Iain, you're saying you want *both* the keyboard key and the menu?